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Philip Warutere, Kenya

L. Tamang, Nepal

Nepal is a land-locked country of central Asia, located between India and Tibet.

Andre Nao, Ivory Coast
Island Church, Ivory Coast

Pastor Andre Nao has a burden for lost souls and a vision for all of West Africa, particularly the French-speaking countries. With very few resources and in spite of many obstacles -- including political turmoil and civil war -- Pastor Nao marches boldly forward training and sending out Ivorian missionaries to plant churches. He has led the planting of the Island Church off the Ivory Coast as well as many others.

Edwin Gbor, Liberia

Brother Edwin Gbor and his family are working in an area where no foreign missionaries can work. They understand the people and the needs of the area. Brother Gbor now has more than 20 local churches under his leadership and these churches are growing and thriving.

Katasi Inka, India

Marta Galdamez, Deaf Ministries

Thangcha Gangte, India